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Posted: November 30, 2012 in 2012 Postings

It’s a taboo in this land
i know it is…
the importation of felines
for the purpose of epicurean deeds. (more…)


From his death bed
he stared through dim eyes
at the duo of his progeny
one after another…
his time ticking slowly away
his valedictory speech ready to spill (more…)

Please allow me introduce myself

“I Am Human”
I guess that should say it all
and end this freaking poem. (more…)

Sometimes i feel so horrible
that i always see things differently.
That i’m always the minority.
That my views are unpopular.
Sincerely, its not my own making.
It’s just how i am wired.
Is something wrong with my mental framework?
Why the ping can’t i just see things like others? (more…)