Oh This Nasty Itch!

Posted: September 19, 2014 in 2014 Postings
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Oh this nasty itch,
far where I cannot reach
wish I were a contortionist,
to twist and turn with ease
and scratch that spot with bliss
till I bleed with relief.

Oh this nasty itch,
frustration expressed, hiss!
I wish you would desist.
Oh away, leave me at peace,
you’re far where I cannot reach
leave me be, stop this grief!

Oh this nasty itch,
niggling and relentless,
teasing and zigzagging.
I grit my teeth with my all,
close my eyes to keep my calm,
nails digging into my palms.
I pat my tresses, and smile
at the handsome dude smiling at me.
Why choose this moment you itch?

Oh this nasty itch,
planted by a witch
between my sweaty balls
right in a crowded hall
I dare not touch that spot
cos all hell will surely burst.

Oh this nasty itch,
this witchy spell’s a bitch
give me a comb, a fork
scarring worries me not.
The crowd keeps staring at me
oh look away i plead.

Oh this nasty itch,
Right in my black butt crack
compelling me to twitch
how to tell the boss
and make him understand
that i need to bail and scratch
I beg plead, save my face.

Oh this nasty itch,
I shudder with un-scratched need,
Tingly slowly all over,
crackling like raging fire.
Eyes darting, I search for escape
finding none, I groan in pain.

Oh this nasty itch,
To dig in and scratch, I wish
with iron sponge, maybe
though I might look a lil crazy
Just begone from me, I pray
and a thank you I will say.

Oh this nasty itch,
twitch, switch and bewitched.
prickly heat you sprout,
sparks of trouble you start.
glitch, sore and gore
what for, i plead to claw
to gnaw into my skin
and uproot the itchy root.
Oh this nasty itch!



TEMTIOPE, Joseph Olanrewaju
Ade-Onojobi ‘Rozon’ ‘Rotimi
Omobolanle Abodunrin
Eniola Johnson



  1. LOL.

    O ye itchy itch where art thy sting? Chai! Nay, I know where thy wicked sting is… and it hurts! Those itchy scenarios depict the feeling to the letter! Those awkward moments a second seems like forever, with the attendant water droplets gathering at the tip of the nose.

    I like this. 🙂

  2. Gizi says:

    Itch wey no get respect. and the relief you get when you finally find a spot to itch the life out of that itch.

  3. rozonrotimi says:

    The severity of the itch is proportional to inability to the reach it… that’s the real nasty itch.

    Awesome joint poetry experience!

  4. Walter says:

    This nasty itch…what a bitch it is tho. LOL

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