We Believe

Posted: September 5, 2014 in 2014 Postings
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We Believe2

Forged in Frankenstein’s lab,
painfully stitched together
limb by limb from different beings.

An edifice of wonder
by the hands of the Niger and the crown created,
a business deal well struck.

Thus began our century old journey
of back and forth and back and forth.
our Nigeria, oh! the hope and the terror.

(MENTAL CHORUS) And we believed!

Our first step was sure and steady
we grasped our future like a hard earned trophy.
Oh that bright day in October
Yes! Freedom tasted better than the palm wine.

But alas! It lasted only for a while.
Freedom turned sour before we had our fill.
a coup, a war and downhill we went
a dream fading like thin fog.

Limb against limb
each pulled in different directions.
Our stitches now far stretched,
held together by the barest of threads.

A hundred steps taken,
more like drunken staggers in all directions.
Our limbs beat our very eyes swollen and shut
yet we see the rays beyond the horizon

(MENTAL CHORUS) Still we believed!

In the strength of our fragile bonds
and the oneness of our humanity
for we know that the battle is not to the strong
nah! The battle belongs to the strong believer
who dares to believe regardless

(MENTAL CHORUS) Yes we believe!

In the beauty of the scars we bear
and the memories of our struggles and pains
for they are medals of honour
and stuff of legends
for a people with a story

(MENTAL CHORUS) Yes we believe!

In our raging diversity
of tribes and tongues and religion
true testaments to the richness of our being
for even the rainbow is made beautiful
by its colourful diversity

(MENTAL CHORUS) Yes we believe!

In the labours of our heroes past,
the struggles of our heroes present
and the victory of our heroes to come
for we know that ours is a triumph
slow to come, but sure to come

(MENTAL CHORUS) Yes we believe!

In one Nigeria
united, progressive and great
a towering beacon of the black race
forged anew with the vigour of love.
If you believe, let me hear you say it loud!

(MENTAL CHORUS) Yes I believe!

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  1. Ojogbane says:

    yes I believe

  2. Ojogbane says:

    yes I believe!

  3. Yes I Believe….well done Joseph Olarenwa Temitope. JOT.

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