The Red Or The Blue Pill

Posted: August 31, 2014 in 2014 Postings
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This is it.
The blue pill
or the red pill.
Before now,
the decision would have been
swift and sweet.
That one pill would be journeying
down my throat already.
But now my matrix has shifted.

So I stare hard at both pills,
praying to both for a clue
on the path to tread,
but they shine blue and red
back at me.
Nah, no clues there.

I look up
and catch the confused image
of me staring back at me
in the round dark shades
that frame morpheus’s eyes.
Any clue?
Maybe a wink?
Or a quivering brow?
Nah, no clue here either.

Up and down.
Left and right.
Front and back.
No clue anywhere.
The only path for me,
now leads within.

What to do?
Embrace the known,
stick to the familiar,
and play it safe?
Swallow the blue pill
and rock not the boat?
take the bold risk,
step into the rabbit hole
and emerge out of the cave
into the sun,
feel the warmth on my face
and hazard a sunburn?
Swallow the red pill
and stir the still quietness
of my world.

Only if I could,
I would swallow you both.
The endless dilemmas
that fate beseech our hearts with
from birth till death.
The unfair setups
to ensure we don’t have it all
at once.

With a trembling hand
I reach out for the pill.
My heart breaks,
yet it is stilled by
the words my soul whispers.
To be or not to be,
like every great man,
I must learn to do epic shit
even with fear nibbling at my guts.

Now I turn to the east and wait
for the heat to hit me
face first.

  1. fatty says:

    Very deep…


    Its a nice write up you have put up.Though talking about life situation that must concern every having conceptual thoughts as to getting to the peak,not knowing its kind of hectic following the path that leads to success but with positive drive and illussion one can be an achiever that one wants to be.

  3. flow! says:

    This! Encapsulates life’s many riddles we have to solve… clean,clear,deep…

  4. Davida Dixon says:

    This poem speaks truth… There are two main things that i liked about it.

    1. The ability to to grasp the truth of how life is seen through the eyes of the average adolescent and being able to put the words together in such a fashion

    2. The comparison of the path of Life with the “taking of a Pill”. I thought this was a very good idea Its use is common to most persons.

    I Liked it .

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