I remember, therefore I am

Posted: August 22, 2014 in 2014 Postings

We announce our arrival
with a hair splitting wail.
We arrive covered in the
crimson juice of life.
We arrive tabula rasa,
black chalk board or
white marker board,
we arrive unmarked regardless.

What is man…really?
A rational being?
A social being?
A spiritual being?
A sexual being?
A being of this and that
or a being of that and this?
Is man a being different from beast,
or is man being and beast?
But then, how will man be being at all
if man remembers nothing?

Being and beast set out alike,
and arrivals are in tiny fragile frames.
Then the endless wailing
and feeding
and meaningless babbling.
Then the mimicking
and the learning
and the growing.
For beast it becomes mere instinct
action-reaction cum action-consequence,
and there it ends.
For being, it evolves into a spectrum of colours
a wealth of vibrant experiences
a flowing stream of consciousness
a growing repository of assumptions and knowledge
a framework for life and living
a marked tabula for past, present and future
a potpourri of materials for the mind to churn.

Take a flash back
recall that stunning smile from the past,
the life of that loved one gone beyond,
Pythagoras formula for present arithmetic puzzle,
that punch that broke your nose,
that story that made you cry,
the refreshing taste of coke on your parched tongue.
Take a flash back to nostalgia.
That, right there, is a privilege beasts crave but lack.
Even rationality will have nothing to rationalise
without a flash back.

Tell me then…
Who is a mathematician,
If not a person who remembers how to solve mathematical puzzles.
Who is a preacher,
If not a person who remembers the scripture and his God.
Who is a surgeon,
If not a person who remembers surgical procedures.
Who is a person,
If not a collection of experiences and stories
remembered and created to be remembered.
What is a people?
If not a collection of group experiences and stories
remembered and created to be remembered?

Take away the tabula,
leave us perpetually rasa
and watch the great machine
that is our mind chew itself up
in endless frustrating repetitions.
Naming Kolanut, a different name every time
we encounter Kolanut because
Kolanut is strange every time we see Kolanut
is a worse fate than pouring water into baskets
in the hope that it will retain water someday.

What is man, if not a being that remembers.
I remember, therefore I am.

  1. dorothy says:

    Nice, really

  2. Diane says:

    Nice poem, lyrical, rhythmic some what, and thought provoking….Keep it Up My Friend.

  3. Ekujumi Samson .O says:

    9ice1 bro,indeed man is a thinking being

  4. tosin says:

    a very good poetry. keep it up.

  5. joseph says:

    Nice one bro.

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