Not Lust

Posted: August 15, 2014 in 2014 Postings
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Photograph © Ayo Akinwande

Photograph © Ayo Akinwande

This is not lust.
No! this is lust
locked in a wet rusty cage.
Fire raging within fortress of ice.
Lust is bold-faced,
and care free
and wild.
Lust is forest fire burning free.
and guts
and moans
and nail scratching
and bites
and nail marks
and grotesque faces.
No this is not lust.

This is shivering uncertainty.
and unsure
and tender.
Touch and pause,
touch and pause and touch.
This is the tale of you and I.
This is our first tumble beneath the sheet,
and above it.

We never talked about it before today,
kept it well hidden
behind the veil of love.
A taboo only discussed
by the pervs and the lost to love.
So it crept upon us
a thief in the night.
Me, you and a dim room
perfect recipe for trouble.
And then suddenly,
we are greenhorns
to each others trouble.

You wait for me to take charge,
I stand trembling and drowning in my dilemma…
kiss the neck or nimble the ears first?
Stroke the twin peaks or swallow them?
Does her navel delight or disgust?
This way or that way?
Head or no head?
Fast or slow?

still quietness,
caught in this unsure state.
To be or not to be
or better still
to let loose or to tread with caution?
I ponder
you wait
we freeze for the shutter.

  1. Omotayo teewai akindele says:

    Its nyc nd beautiful bro! Thumps up

  2. Oluwademilade says:

    I love what you do, your diction aπϑ the message. Keep it up.

  3. Damie M says:

    Well, I was reading jejely o, then the tone just changed. I was like, ” wow, what just happened?”
    I’m not gonna kiss ass here, that’s no longer my thing. but I like the way you write. very vivid, fast paced, decisive and straight to the point.
    I like your piece.
    PS: I think you meant “fast or slow” not “fast of slow”?

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