I Am A Learner

Posted: December 13, 2013 in 2013 postings

I Am A Learner

I am not a boss,
my name adorns no door,
my space is yet a cubicle
with no awesome view
but a crazy street below.

I am not a boss,
no army of minions scurry
when I snap my, infact,
gru-like fingers.

No I am no boss,
I have not earned
the swinging medallion
that bosses brandish

I am a learner
a darn good one I hope.
Free of minions to worry about
and swinging medallions
to break my lean neck
and awesome views to crowd
my imagination.

A learner free to
roam and soak in,
question and challenge,
serve and learn,
fall and falter,
loads of times and rise again every time.
I’m closer to the floor now, innit?

I am not a boss
and in no hurry to be one.
I am a learner
and I love being one,
cos when you consider
it carefully,
even the best bosses
are learners.

  1. pattylabelle okonkwo says:

    Lol so funny but very intresting keep it up boo!!

  2. TEMILOLA says:

    This is aaawwwwweeeessssooooomely funny…I lof your style sha! :-0

  3. williams says:

    cute as u

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