Teach me not religion

Posted: June 17, 2013 in 2013 postings
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On the threshold of existence
I hear the clamor of the unborn
Just before relinquishing
divine consciousness.
I hear them pray to man
before they become man.
I hear them whisper….

Teach me character, virtue and nobility.

Teach me not to see man as spirit
but man as man

Teach me not to call the other man a fool
simply because he believes not what i believe

Teach me not to be quick to strike down the living
for the philosophies of one dead and gone

Teach me not to weigh a man’s worth by his spirituality
but by his humanity

Teach me not to send value yonder
because my oracle says we are unequally yoked

Teach me beauty, freedom and sound mind.

Teach me not to live good for a reward here after
but to live good because to live good is good

Teach me not of an eternal raging fire to curb me
but of reason, karma and empathy to guide me

Teach me not of virgins, crowns and golden streets to lure me
but of truth, wisdom and vision to lead me

Teach me not to forgive because it’s commanded
but because it’s humane and goodly

Teach me not to be heavenly conscious and earthly useless
but to live a rich full life

Teach me boldness, strength and courage.

Teach me not to forever hide under the veil of expectations
but to break boundaries and run wild

Teach me not to leave earthly matters to the divine
but to deal with each as it arise

Teach me not to await manna
but to enjoy the bliss of labor

Teach me not timidity to accept all things
but the courage to question all and prove all

Teach me not that God is on a mountain
but that he is me…that he is the other

Teach me love
teach me to be human
teach me to laugh
teach me to be free
teach me life

Oh man…teach me not religion

  1. Dupe Kuku says:

    you shoulda told me this was brewing when we saw on Saturday. Excellent, Tj Bard!

  2. john nathaniel joey says:

    Wow!Great work Tj…beside the fact that this is timely,it also shows so much imagination and deep feeling…welldone dude!

  3. Folu Adeyeye says:

    Jossy, please frame the pen that you wrote this piece with. It’s divine! Not very many people can see beyond the cloud of hypocricy that’s become the basis for contemporary religion and can clearly articulate the immense crockery they postulate in such beautiful lines! I absolutely agree! Until we retrace our steps and realise that love, not religion (and it’s many versions) should be the essence of our humanity, we’ll continue to resent “others” because some doctrines say so!

  4. jennypere says:

    I love every sentence. Nice

  5. ayo says:

    “Bard Vibe”, LoL. Dis is spicy stuff though, nt 4 everyone,

  6. ekujumi says:

    Ȋ̝̊̅†̥’s a 1daful piece,kudos.

  7. Muzan Esther says:

    :-)….i’ ve read it more than a thousand times n when i get close to d end i have dis longing to read it again..so just in-case you don’t see it again i prolly read it too much it wiped off. Awesome…..**

  8. geebee says:

    Can almost swear u wud end up a pastor…or imam* finkin, now dt wud mak u ….u….. weird*

  9. olatunde ayoola Joseph says:

    Nice 1, love d dynamics and got d meaning. Buh ders no way u can do all dis without learning abt God. He teaches all dis things u want 2 learn

    • Thanks for your comment bro. Well, at this stage in my life, my spiritual disposition is agnosticism. I have sincerely tried to search out the existence of God, but till now, I have no sincere conviction in my heart about it. So my position is simple. I don’t know if God truly exist, but if he does, he definitely is un-knowable to our human senses. It is our desperacy to try to know him that has lead us down the erroneous path of describing him in ridiculous and absolutely contradictory ways that have overtime, come to divide humanity. This poem is not an attack on the concept of God. Its is an attack on who and what we say God is…Who and what we define God to be. It is an attack on religion and its destructive tendencies. My position is, once again, simple: If God exists, he transcends our human knowledge and therefore doesn’t subscribe to any religion.

  10. Shatuyi Aduragbemi says:

    I am reading for an exam, which is obviously not about religion. And all what is on my mind now is how I can inculcate this piece into what am reading. Good fucking stuff there man. More of this plss…..

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