Posted: November 30, 2012 in 2012 Postings

It’s a taboo in this land
i know it is…
the importation of felines
for the purpose of epicurean deeds.

Defiling this taboo
is a very bad thing indeed…
So also is too much sugar
but i have a sweet tooth.

Other playing fields abound
to accomodate my tumbling activities
but none as thrilling
none with the lure of a taboo.

Every now and then
i plot grand strategies
to defeat these defenses
and smuggle in my contrabands.

The catch is, in darkness,
as i smuggle in, i smuggle out
late in, out early
in silence and with stealth.

Severally i succeeded,
and ended up with a grandmaster’s ego.
A few times i failed,
oh well, my head is not on a pike.

But i love to succeed
I love to feel smart and invisible
Yet, even if i fail,
the experience-oh mama!- always made up for it.

This time however, i failed woefully
not what you think though
I smuggled in and out successfully
but the experience…oh the experience.

It was a perfect entry
and as always, with adrenaline pumping,
I longed to dive in straight.
Then the cat and dog game started.

Come on nau…i cajoled
Kilo foshi gan sef…i threatened
make this risk worth the take bikoh…i begged
Haba no be so oh…i exclaimed!

On and on it went
tick tick tock went the clock
till it was time
for the inglorious exit

Bless God it was a perfect exit
With heavy heart and eyes
i came back to stroke my ego
for my souvenirs were smelly fingers and a throbbing groin!

  1. ayo says:

    Realistic. I love it.

  2. Folu Adeyeye says:

    On and on we cajole
    Deluded by a blind hope of possible gratification
    Saying things we never would say
    Making faces we never would make
    We hit defeats rock bottom
    Still hoping there’s something underneath!
    But it’s empty, empty like we want our groins to feel
    There’s just one hope left
    Hope that they get burned by this flame of passion I’m forced to conceal!

  3. TEXMANN says:

    JOE at it again!!!
    well a lovely piece i must confess; though not a very hard nut to crack.
    we know what felines are: did i hear you say another name is PUSSY cat!
    its all about wat a man would love to do and how the cravings within our loins turn even the bravest of us into roadside beggars at the crossroads of fulfilment; whether or not we wil succeed at crushin every grain into powder with the throbbings of our proud pestle. nice piece once again!

  4. Dupe Kuku says:

    @Folu Adeyeye: “awesome” in 9 lines!

  5. Dupe Kuku says:

    @Tope: took some time to read all your recent posts this morn. dunno if i’ll be able to read through the “uncategorized”, but i’m giving it a shot. can’t help thinking what i’m doing not writing though!

    • Babe…We are all in that boat…you and I know that writing isn’t easy. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not just wasting a good talent by not developing it beyond what it is today. Thanks for reading my stuff. Means alot to me.

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